Mind-Body Medicine Healing Resources

A community peer support and resources: TMS Wiki

 A list of mind-body doctors specializing in chronic pain: PPDA

Curable - an app that helps end chronic pain

Videos about Mind-body Medicine & Chronic Pain

John Sarno & John Sto 20/20 segment

Howard Schubiner 9 minute lecture on two types of pain

Lorimer Moseley - Why Things Hurt - TEDx talk w/ over 200,000 views

Howard Schubiner 40 minute lecture on why most chronic pain treatments don't work

John Sarno interview by Donna Hamilton

Articles about Mind-body Medicine

7 Things No One Understands About Chronic Pain by Marion Cunningham

Miracles of Mind-body Medicine by Alan Gordon

A guide to therapeutic writing by Georgie Oldfield


Books about How to Heal from Chronic Pain

Mindbody Prescription by John Sarno, MD

Healing Back Pain by John Sarno, MD

Explain Pain Handbook Protectometer by Lorimer Moseley

Freedom from Fibromyalgia by Nancy Selfridge

Unlearn your Pain by Howard Schubiner, MD

Back in Controlby David Hanscom, MD

Living Like You Mean It by Ronald J. Frederick, PhD

Mindbody Workbook by David Schechter, MD

They Can't Find Anything Wrong!: 7 Keys to Understanding, Treating, and Healing Stress Illness by David D. Clarke, MD

Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery by Georgie Oldfield (UK-based)

Healing Resources

SIRPA: A mind-body medicine resource in the UK

PPDA: A medical society that advances knowledge about mind-body symptoms

Books For Physicians

Hidden from View by Allan Abbass, MD & Howard Schubiner MD

Books For Psychotherapy Clinicians

Reaching Through Resistance by Allan Abbass, MD

Pathways to Pain Relief by Frances Sommer, PhD & Eric Sherman, PhD

Co-Creating Change by Jonathan Frederickson